With the Vermont Everyone Eats (VEE) federally funded pandemic recovery program ending March 31, 2023, the Vermont Farmers Food Center (VFFC) is stepping up to the plate to provide a sustainable long-term solution to food insecurity in Rutland County. 

“Rutland County Eats”  inspired by the Vermont Everyone Eats model, specifically designed for Rutland County area residents, farms, restaurants, and caterers, will enable VFFC to administer a similar program at a smaller scale, starting in April 2023. The program will continue to provide free meals for food insecure residents and income for farms and restaurants in the 26 towns it serves.

Community support of this project directly affects the number of meals that can be distributed in the community.  Please consider Spreading The Love for our Rutland County Eats Initiative! 

Purchases of prepared meals from VFFC's Online Market also raise funds for Rutland County Eats!