Our Story

Vermont Farmers Food Center (VFFC) began as a grassroots, volunteer- led project and is spearheading the rebuilding of infrastructure necessary for agriculture to serve as a regional economic engine through the development of 2.93 acres of industrially zoned land with four existing buildings in the heart of Downtown Rutland.

VFFC increases access and availability of locally produced food in the Rutland Region by expanding markets and market access, aggregation, and distribution of locally produced and value added agricultural products. VFFC is the initiative of the Vermont Farmers Market Education Center, Inc., a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in Rutland, Vermont, in 2012.

Several years of discussions involving farmers, value-added producers, local food consumers, and community organizations, regarding the success of the Rutland Summer Farmers Market, led to discussion for the demand for a Rutland Winter Farmers Market, and the desire to increase access and availability of locally produced food.

VFFC is developing an agricultural center to create opportunities and economic viability to mentor and sustain emerging agricultural-based businesses, resulting in building a local food system around sustainable farming practices. VFFC’s agricultural center will create opportunities for farm production and marketing expansion by providing the storage, aggregation, and efficiencies to tap larger markets. VFFC’s agricultural center’s storage infrastructure will also address the Rutland Region’s food security challenges. A shared-use commercial kitchen will serve as a regulatory umbrella for value added agricultural businesses with workforce development capacity to address economic security and societal needs. VFFC’s vision includes a Community Kitchen Institute – a training program for unemployed and underemployed Vermonters who are interested in food-related careers - as well as, educational agricultural seminars and workshops, which provide information and demonstrate agricultural techniques. VFFC is exploring the development of an export agricultural market to Manhattan and Boston. VFFC’s agricultural center’s Farmers Hall, with a Community Learning Kitchen, and second floor Educational Classroom and balcony, not only serves as home to the Winter Farmers Market, but also serves as an event center year ‘round.

VFFC’s Health Care Share (HCS), in its fourth year, is changing its name to Farmacy Project a program of the VFFC. The Farmacy Project is increasing access and consumption of healthy foods for at-risk health families in Rutland County. The Farmacy Project is an innovative collaboration working at the intersection of agriculture, public health, and economic development. VFFC partners with economically challenged new and emerging local farms, primary health care providers, and educators. VFFC's Farmacy Project offers an actionable preventative health initiative while involving local underserved youth through summer employment opportunities engaging community volunteers, farmers, and Members as part of the regional food network.

VFFC is a visionary, entrepreneurial organization, committed to an agricultural economy, which grows local foods and creates jobs, promoting community economic development. VFFC’s agricultural infrastructure provides the region economic stimulus that adds jobs in diverse sectors as dollars become more available on a regional basis. The result is a vibrant and sustainable regional agricultural system, preserving the working landscape, while improving the capacity to feed Vermonters, regardless of economic status, improving health, and enhancing the Rutland Region’s economic wellbeing.