What is this?

Everyone Eats is a food relief program that leverages CARES Act funds to engage local restaurants in making to-go meals for anyone  who has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis due to unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, or other challenges. 

The Vermont Farmers Food Center is serving as a hub for Everyone Eats in the Rutland County area. VFFC will distribute over 800 meals per week beginning August 31st, with the eventual goal of distributing 1500 meals per week. The program will last until December 18th. 


Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 4:00-6:00pm beginning Monday, August 31st. No reservations required! 



Individuals/households and organizations will be able to pick up meals at the Vermont Farmers Food Center at 251 West Street in Downtown Rutland on a first-come-first-served basis. Please wear a mask! 


Anyone in the Rutland County area who has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis due to unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, and other challenges to well-being who would get relief from receiving meals.

For Individuals


When and where can I receive meals? 

Meal distribution for individuals is first-come-first-served. Pickup is from 4-6pm on weekdays Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday in downtown Rutland in the Vermont Farmers Food Center at 251 West Street. Pickup will be socially-distanced drive through and also accessible on foot. No reservations required

Is it free? 

All who would benefit from a meal are welcome to participate.

Can I give something back to help the program? 

There is no obligation to pay it back or forward. But there are ways you can help!

If you would like to make a monetary contribution to help make more meals possible for others, it will be gratefully received. The base cost of each meal is $10; any amount will be helpful. Donate here.

Which restaurants are contributing meals? 

Meals are being made by independent, locally owned restaurants: Ana Empanadas, The Rollin’ Rooster, Little Haveli, Bueno Burrito are all participating. 

What will I receive? 

You will receive one individually packaged, cold, ready-to-eat or heat & serve dinner for each person you would like a meal for.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan/GF options? 

Yes. Request your meal choice at the time of pickup.

Is there a limit to how many meals I can get? 

You can request one meal per person per day for each person in your household. Please note that there is a limit to how many meals will be produced each day. We hope to serve everyone who makes a request but we cannot guarantee it. Meals will be first-come-first-served.

Can I pick up meals for another household? 

Yes, you can pick up meals for up to three households including your own.

Will my meals be hot or cold? 

Meals will be distributed cold, so if you are driving a distance, delivering to other households, or distributing through your organization, consider bringing a cooler if you can.

Who can I contact with questions? 

Contact Harry DiPrinzio at hdiprinzio@vermontfarmersfoodcenter.org 

For Organizations

As a representative of an organization, can I request meals on behalf of my clients? Yes. We invite organizations to do bulk pickups for distribution to those they serve. Contact Harry DiPrinzio at hdiprinzio@vermontfarmersfoodcenter.org for more information

Is there a limit to how many meals I can pick up? No, but you will need to reserve meals in advance each week using a form.

What will I receive? You will receive individually packaged, COLD, ready-to-eat or heat & serve dinners for each person you plan to distribute a meal to.

What options are available? You will choose in advance how many of each type of meal and which days you will pick up meals for distribution. Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options are available. 

Will I need to pick up our meals, or will you deliver to my location? You will need to pick up your requested meals and distribute them to your clients. We cannot deliver them to you.

When and where do I pick up my meals? Pickup for organizations only is from 2-4 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. More information will be provided when you sign up.

How do I request meals for bulk pickup? Organizations must submit their request forms one week before distribution. To get more information about participating and request a form for the first week, contact Harry DiPrinzio at hdiprinzio@vermontfarmersfoodcenter.org

Will I receive a confirmation? After your meal request form is received, you will receive an automated email via Google Forms.

When do you need my form by? Meal request forms must be submitted by the Thursday prior to the week they are for. You will need to submit a new form each week. If you have already received meals in a prior week, you will receive an email reminder for later weeks.

How Can I Help?

Pick up a meal: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 4-6pm

Tell a friend: vermontfarmersfoodcenter.org/everyoneeats

volunteer: contact Harry DiPrinzio at hdiprinzio@vermontfarmersfoodcenter.org.

donate money

Check: VFFC, PO Box 1008 Rutland, VT 05701 (Note: Everyone Eats)

share your feedback: everyoneeats@vermontfarmersfoodcenter.org