Supporting workplace wellness is easy with the Online Market.  Simply purchase a coupon/gift card or fresh food online for pickup or have it delivered directly to you – a convenient way for employers and employees to shop locally and support the local farm economy! 

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What we offer:

  • Online Market coupons codes for your worksite

How it works: Employers work with VFFC to select a coupon code value for your employees.  Employees create a customer  account with the Online Market. The employee enters the unique coupon code and makes their purchases through the Online Market!  Employees can pick up their orders on Wednesdays at VFFC between 3 and 6 p.m. or employers may choose to have orders delivered directly to the worksite.

  • Assortment Bags from the Online Market 

How it works: Employers create an account with the Online Market. Select the number of Assortment Bags desired and place order.  Assortment bags come with seasonal produce and other assorted products that are offered each week. Orders can be picked up at VFFC on Wednesday between 3 PM and 6 PM or delivered directly to the worksite.

  • Gift Cards

How it works: Employers can purchase gift cards for special occasions or as part of a Workplace Wellness program through the Online Market.  Employers create an account with the Online Market and purchase gift cards.

  • Delivery

How it works:  Free delivery to your worksite for orders of $150 or more or employers can choose to pay a $20 fee for orders under $150 to be delivered to their worksite. 


Would another model work better for your business? 

We would be happy to discuss a customized program. 

Contact us at 802.345.8448 or email [email protected] to learn more.