Farmers are at the Center of What We Do

Looking to sell your produce or food products but don’t have the time to find buyers or market your items? 

We can help!

  • We help small and medium-sized farmers and food entrepreneurs access larger markets by aggregating local food at our facilities in Rutland, Vermont. We purchase directly from you (the farmer or producer) and offer retail consumers and wholesale buyers a wide array of local food through one access point.


  • At Vermont Farmers Food Center, our mission and our passion is to establish the infrastructure and markets to support local farmers who grow and produce the food we need and enjoy! You could say that farmers are at the center of what we do!


  • In partnership with local farmers and producers, we are building a stronger local food network that supports healthier soil and water while increasing the availability of healthier food – all in an effort to establish a healthier agricultural economy in central Vermont.

Interested in selling through VFFC’s Online Market?

Looking to cross dock your product at VFFC?

To get started contact our Procurement Specialist, Melinda Laben-Hardt at 802.417.7581 or [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is my business too large or too small for cross-docking or selling my products with Vermont Farmers Food Center? 

No business is too large or too small! We work with home-scale picklers as well as larger, established local growers and value-added producers.

  • Do I have to be certified organic or have other certifications? 

The Online Market doesn’t require specific certifications or farming practices — certification is a complex issue and we trust farmers and producers to know what makes sense for their business, their land, and their communities. 

  • What food safety measures are required? 

The Online Market has requirements to make sure that all of the products we sell meet food safety guidelines. For farms, these include carrying insurance, having a farm food safety plan, and water quality testing for well water. For both growers and value-added producers, we’ll discuss your food safety measures when we open up a purchasing account.

Join the growing list of participating producers

Baird Farm, Boardman Hill Farm,  Browns Orchard and Farm Stand, Dutchess Farms, Evening Song Farm, Frog Hollow Farmstead, High Pond Goat Farm, Kevin Ruane Maple Farm, Larson Creamery, Naga Bakehouse, Otter Point, Smith Maple Crest Farm, Stevens Farmstead, Stones Throw Farm, Squier Family Farm, The Simmering Bone, Tell a Tale Farm, Triple H Greenhouse, Yoder Farms and more!