Farm Based Experiential Learning (FaBEL)

Our goal is happy, healthy students learning substantive life skills on the farm and in the garden, understanding their food sources and uplifting the community. Hands on engagement in FaBEL programs provides students with authentic education, improves eating habits, enhances social and emotional engagement, and promotes connection to the environment.

VFFC's Farm Based Experiential Learning program creates its programs and curriculum to fit the needs of the community.

4th Grade Program

2nd Grade Program

Saturday Sprouts Program

VFFC's Rotary Educational Greenhouse is a shared use space and provide collaborations with area organizations and educational institutions to teach plant science, nature connection, greenhouse management, and four-season production techniques.

For more information on any of our programs or to Volunteer with FaBEL:


Melinda Hardt

Education Coordinator FaBEL

(802) 417-7581